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Our mission

To provide comprehensive healthcare through promotion, treatment, curative and palliative care services while embracing research, innovation and collaboration in patients care

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Our vision

To be the best hospital in provision of comprehensive cancer care within the region and beyond.

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Our Philosophy

Promote| Treat | Cure | Palliate

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Our Motto

Healing Hands, Caring Hearts and Comphesive Health Care

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Meet Our Team

"He is an efficient director in the health care and medical field. He had the opportunity to work in numerous administrative positions for prestigious health care and medical institutions and facilities, specifically in a number of hospital and medical units and departments."

Dr. Elias Melly

Clinical Management

With MBchB (Moi), MMED (Clinical Oncology, Alexandria, Egypt), Dr. Melly is an experienced Clinical Oncologist in the health care and medical field.

Dr. Beatrice is our clinical hematologist who specializes in diseases of the blood, also of the organs and tissues that are fueled by blood cells (lymph nodes, spleen, thymus, and lymphoid tissue). She is an expert in diagnostics where multiple symptoms are involved. Hematology (or haematology) is the field of medicine involved in the study of the blood. Blood is composed of particles, proteins, and fluids that are made in the lymphatic organs and bone marrow. Patients are normally under a hematologist’s care via referral from a primary caregiver or hospital. A hematologist is called in when symptoms or tests indicate anemia, blood clotting disease, blood count irregularities, or platelet irregularities. To diagnose diseases, hematologists perform intense analysis of the blood, blood cells, and bone marrow cells

Dr. Beatrice Melly

Clinical Management

With MBchB (Moi), MMED (Clinical Hematology, Alexandria, Egypt), Dr. Beatrice is a specialist in hematology and oncology in cancer treatment

Management is all about leading an organization. Duncan Odongo is involved in taking care of the organization and implementing strategies and measures. He has knowledge of medical procedures and is able to understand medical terminology. His main duties centers on business and keeping the facility profitable. A career in healthcare can be rewarding. The industry is growing fast and it is forever changing. This brings exciting challenges for people working in the field. You do not necessarily have to work as a doctor or nurse to be productive in this line of work. It also has an administrative side and where there are administrators there are managers. An aspect of the health care industry that is not always obvious is its need for business skills. Providers can only work if they have facilities in which to provide their services. These facilities are often not government funded. In this case, like any private business, they require business personnel to manage them.

Duncan Odongo


With Bsc, MPH (Health Management, Moi), Duncan is involved in taking care of the organization and implementing strategies & measures